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To punish me for my contempt of authority, Fate has made me an authority myself.

To punish me for my contempt of Google, Fate has made me a Summer of Code Mentor myself.


Subject: Summer of Code Mentoring
Date: April 21, 2006 14:53:17  JST


    I'd like to invite you to participate as a mentor for Perl in this
    year's Google Summer of Code.

    While some of the fine details are still up in the air, being a
    mentor has two main parts.

    First, during the period of May 8th to May 20th, you will need to
    vote on student proposals.  Your votes will help select which
    applications get accepted.  They will also help us figure out
    which project to potentially assign you to.  More information
    about how to chose projects will be available closer to the date.

    Second, From May 23 to August 21st, you will need to mentor a
    student.  This doesn't mean writing his/her code or telling
    him/her what to do, but guiding them along.  Helping them with
    high level design, and possibly low level bugs.  But more
    importantly, helping them find the right people to talk to, the
    right mailing lists, etc, and prodding them continually to provide
    status updates and such.  The student is expected to be working on
    this project full time -- you aren't.  Twice during the summer (at
    the middle and at the end) you will need to evaluate the student's
    performance -- which will determine if they get paid or not.

    Some more information is available here:

    Agreeing to participate does not guarantee that you will have a
    student assigned to you.  We don't yet know how many mentors we
    will have, or how many projects we will be granted.

    If you don't have time, or don't think you will have time, I'd
    rather you sit it out this year, and reconsider for next year.

    If you're interested, please fill out your information here: 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.



一瞬身構えたのだけど、よく見るとmailの差出人は。The Perl Foundationからである。いろいろ調べてみると、Google Summer of Codeというのは、いたいけな若者をGoogle Campusに閉じ込める、というのではなくて、Open Source Projectを手伝った学生に$5,000とTシャツをあげようという催しらしい。Mentorはその$5,000のうち$500を受け取るのだと。そうそう。MentorもTシャツはもらえるのだとか。


> Thank you for your invitation.  I am honored and scared at the same
> time.  I am honored for being selected a mentor candidate for one of
> the most famous geek projects.  I am scared because I am a vocal
> skeptic of Google -- quite natural for a person whose AdSense account
> got revoked with no reasonable explanation.

Doh.  Sorry about the AdSense thing.  

> One concern is time.  Does SOC require my physical presence at google
> campus or any campus where students reside?  I would love to visit
> there but staying there is a different issue.  I would love to see my
> students vis-a-vis time to time but I cannot behave like a full-time
> faculty of them.

Nope.  Everything is done electronically.  If we get a good project
coming from your side of the world, and it's appropriate, we could
steer it to you.

> And a T-shirt is too attractive a bribe for me :p


> Oh, Is that okay I blog this?  Google doesn't say how sensitive this
> kind of information is.

Not sensitive at all.  Blog away!  




Dan the Mentor Thereof