Encode 2.25 を Release したのでお知らせします。


Dan the Encode Maintainer


I have just released Encode-2.25.  Mostly small fixes and cleanups.

=head1 Availability

svn co
and CPAN near you.

=head1 Changes

$Revision: 2.25 $ $Date: 2008/05/07 20:56:05 $
  added ':default' to Exporter option.
! lib/Encode/
  GSM0338 now handles coderef in CHECK
! Makefile.PL
  Perl 5.10/Encode 2.24: Tiny typo in Encode's Makefile.PL arg processing
  Message-Id: <>
! lib/Encode/
  "This fix for Encode::Alias should make Solaris happy:"
  Message-ID: <>

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Dan the Encode Maintainer