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Subject: 5.10.1 is released
Date: 23 August 2009 23:40:50 +0900
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   'Briefly, sir, I am the Permanent Under-Secretary of State, known as
   the Permanent Secretary. Woolley here is your Principal Private
   Secretary. I, too, have a Principal Private Secretary, and he is the
   Principal Private Secretary to the Permanent Secretary. Directly
   responsible to me are ten Deputy Secretaries, eighty-seven Under
   Secretaries and two hundred and nineteen Assistant Secretaries.
   Directly responsible to the Principal Private Secretaries are plain
   Private Secretaries. The Prime Minister will be appointing two
   Parliamentary Under-Secretaries and you will be appointing your own
   Parliamentary Private Secretary.'

   'Can they all type?' I joked.

   'None of us can type, Minister,' replied Sir Humphrey smoothly. 'Mrs
   McKay types - she is your Secretary.'

   I couldn't tell whether or not he was joking. 'What a pity,' I said.
   'We could have opened an agency.'

   Sir Humphrey and Bernard laughed. 'Very droll, sir,' said Sir
   Humphrey.  'Most amusing, sir,' said Bernard. Were they genuinely
   amused at my wit, or just being rather patronising? 'I suppose they
   all say that, do they?' I ventured.

   Sir Humphrey reassured me on that. 'Certainly not, Minister,' he
   replied. 'Not quite all.'

[p14 _The complete Yes Minister // The Diaries of a Cabinet Minister by
the Right Hon. James Hacker MP._ 1 "Open Government" ]

Currently it's at

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A .gz version also available for the decompressionally challenged.

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