Encode 2.52 を Release しましたのでお報せします。


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User: DANKOGAI (Dan Kogai)
Distribution file: Encode-2.52.tar.gz
Number of files: 206
*.pm files: 26
README: Encode-2.52/README
META-File: Encode-2.52/META.json
META-Parser: Parse::CPAN::Meta 1.4404
META-driven index: no
Timestamp of file: Wed Aug 14 02:33:46 2013 UTC
Time of this run: Wed Aug 14 02:35:37 2013 UTC
$Revision: 2.52 $ $Date: 2013/08/14 02:29:54 $
! ucm/*.ucm
   Unicode Mappping tables are missing Unicode Inc. license notification
   All files including "as long as this notice remains attached" now
   have that notice attached in the comment section.  (cp* and mac*
   do not since their source files do not include that notice)
! lib/Encode/MIME/
 Addressed: encoding "0" with MIME-Headers gets a blank string
 Addressed: Documentation buglet
! Byte/Makefile.PL CN/Makefile.PL EBCDIC/Makefile.PL
 Encode/Makefile_PL.e2x JP/Makefile.PL KR/Makefile.PL
 Symbol/Makefile.PL TW/Makefile.PL
 Applied: Patch to output #includes in deterministic order

Dan the Encode Maintainer